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TROY 26990 Oil Suction Pump

TROY 26990 Oil Suction Pump

TROY 26990 Oil Suction Pump

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● Oil suction scavenge pump is ideal for home use as it not only helps you change the oil quickly, 
   but also significantly reduces mess as you don’t have to get under the car.The oil is siphoned via the oil dipstick 
   hole in the car’s engine. Once the hose is in the slot, simply connect the oil suction scavenge pump to the car 
   battery and watch the old oil being sucked out.
● Use probes to drain engine oil through the dipstick hole.
● Can also be used for draining fish tanks, basins and sinks.
● Suction hose is NOT included
● Simple and convenient
● Connection via battery terminals
● No need to get under the car

● Inner diameter: approx. 3.80 mm
● External diameter: 6mm
● Drain Hose: Length:  152 cm
● Inner diameter: 10 mm
● Outer diameter: 13.80 mm

Included in delivery
● Suction probe
● Drain hose
● Ectraction pump
● Battery clamps

Tecnical data
● Content: 1 pc(s)
● Max.output : 3 l/min
● Opereating voltage: 12 Vdc

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