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MEA Plug F 10 (10x50mm, 50 pcs)

Plug F (10x50mm, 50 pcs)

MEA Plug F 10 (10x50mm, 50 pcs)

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  • Code: MEA F 10 SİYAH

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● For normal fastening with light loads 
● Appropriate building materials: concrete, solid brick, sand-lime solid brick, drywall and lightweight 
   building boards 
● Made from Nylon. 
● High extraction force thanks to strong expansion through flat inner surface. 
● Secure hold through deep exterior threads and therefore high tensile and compressive strength. 
● The plug’s four wings, secure screw mounting and optimum form ensure that it will not twist in the 
   base material. 
● The rigid form prevents bending during insertion, which makes the plug highly suitable for insert 


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